Share Knowledge & Train People with Video in Just a Few Minutes.

Create video-based microlearning training courses on uQualio’s white-label online video eLearning platform. Get a cloud-based self-service video LMS for any type of training; onboarding, orientation, product, sales, technical, & customer support training. Available 24/7 for sharing with from 10 employees, partners, or end-users, or even as courses for sale.

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Share Knowledge & Train People with Video in Just a Few Minutes.

Share Knowledge and Train People with Video, video eLearning platform

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Create Video-Based eLearning Courses
in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1 Video

Start with adding bite-size video snippets that explains precisely what to learn.

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Step 2 Questions

Add quiz questions to verify people’s newly gained knowledge, plus supporting files & links

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Step 3 Share

Share with anyone privately by SMS & email, or publicly with links or QR codes.

Share Knowledge and Train People with Video, video eLearning platform

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Users get certificates for completing courses, for documentation or marketing purposes


Use the built-in communication system to nudge users and get feedback


Use the reports & analytics to see what works and what needs improvement


Scale your training with no limits & no upfront investment with our training LMS software.

The platform supports the following languages (other languages can be added too) Let us know what you need!

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We follow EU’s GDPR rules to protect privacy and data incl. big data selling, as we are based on democratic Nordic learning principles.

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We have added built-in video guides so you can learn to create the best online video learning courses on your own.

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At the end of your 14-day free trial, you can simply convert to a free training platform for up to 10 private users, and upgrade when you need it.

Streaming from YouTube & Vimeo videos is available for 14 days only.

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Simple, Clear & Flexible Pricing

Pay only for what you need with the 100% pay-as-you-go, subscription-based video training platform. Upgrade at any time or downgrade at the end of subscription.

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Quick Answers to Common Questions!

The answer to this question depends on the individual user’s needs. However, uQualio is the most affordable, easy-to-use online video learning platform that is dedicated to making high-quality education available to businesses worldwide. Our platform gives you the tools to create bite-size microlearning video training, utilizing gamification to increase user engagement. Share your content privately (secure & confidential), or publicly (open to anyone), 24/7 on any device.

Making bite-size videos is super simple using the uQualio’s online training courses platform. You can choose to upload, record-screen, link videos, and use existing videos from the library. Long videos can be played bite-sized with the scene selector. You can also add text, files, and quizzes to support the key learnings of every video. Add badges as a reward, preview the content, and choose your desired layout for your channel. You can distribute your course and make it available for the learners through public, protected, or private access modes.

Interactive sites or software programs that allow users to access educational content online. These virtual learning platforms use various modes to facilitate learning like training, lectures, readings, videos, quizzes, and interactive activities. Similar methods are used by uQualio, an online learning platform, which utilizes bite-sized microlearning and quizzes to help with knowledge retention.

Online training is a type of educational program conducted entirely over the Internet and usually through a learning management system (LMS). Participants interact with the course material through reading, video instruction, quizzes, and built-in communication systems. The purpose of online training methods is to enable organizations and individuals to acquire new skills and knowledge quickly and efficiently from any location with an internet connection, ensuring a high return on investment (ROI).

If you are video course creator begin by creating a free account. Create the framework for your course and produce teachable or instructional course material accordingly. Design the platform to fit your needs and set up your course channel. Publish your course to the public. Promote your course online and get it monitored by experienced professionals to improve its content.
Yes, you can sell your eLearning course online on top online learning platforms like uQualio. uQualio does not handle any financial transactions, so you need a Stripe account, a secure payment system, to handle payments for your course. Alternatively, you can choose to make the course available for free if you prefer.